Through Mary’s Eyes – Ep. 1

As I gaze at the night sky, breathing deeply and trying to stay calm, that stars seem to grow brighter and more majestic; like a heavenly host, waiting in certain anticipation. I think back to the last time I saw the stars shine so brilliantly…

It was a wondrous and beautiful night. It was the night that the ancient words of the prophets rang true. A bright star appeared and a light from Heaven, guiding all from the lowest of shepherds to the wisest of scholars. A babe had been born of a virgin, and I was that virgin. There was a soft humming in the distance. I turned to Joseph and I knew he had heard it too. A host of angels had come to sing praises to God and glorify His son, my son…

That was nearly thirty three years ago; and while that night was filled with songs of joy, tonight the angels weep, filling every follower’s heart with tomorrow’s sorrow. But why, why do they cry? I ask even though I know the answer; so heinous and gruesome, yet so beautiful and glorious at the same time….

But now I must sleep, for tomorrow is the day my son will save the world.


Darkest Hours vs. Saving Grace

Darkness, all around.
I can’t see my feet;
Am I even on the ground?

The world outside has gone black with sin.
And the Darkness has begun to creep in.

The darkness is blinding.
Nearby I feel someone grabbing;
Something is after me.

I turn, in the darkness,
And there I see a figure, black as night;
A figure, yet still shapeless.

My skin begins to crawl,
And my little hairs stand tall.

The darkness is stifling.
I know that I am slowly suffocating.
The darkest Shadows are closing in.

Something tells me these shadows are not as they seem.
They are instead, the hateful demons,
Waiting to carry out their Master’s scheme.

I can feel the breath of my foes.
Something has slithered across my toes.

They try to strangle me;
I must break free;
There must be a way out.

There seems to be no one to pay the bail.
So, from this prison I try to run.
But to no avail.

The taunting, the mocking. I can’t take it!
Those wretched demons; they’re chomping and gnawing at the bit.

As They drag me to the Floor,
I fear I will be no more.
I have lost all hope.

It seems as if time has passed;
And though life means nothing here,
I know I have not breathed my last.

In this, my darkest hour,
Suddenly, there is a calming power.

I recall the Sovereign Lord.
And with my Hope, newly restored,
I remember His only begotten Son.

Filled with all-consuming fear,
Evil attempts to hide;
For my Salvation is drawing near.

The demons begin to scream and cower.
Their precious devil has been crippled by Christ’s redeeming power.

For to Him who wears the Crown,
Even Satan must bow down
Confessing “Jesus is Lord!”

The Lamb was Slain,
His blood was shed,
So as to save me from eternal pain.

From this prison, I am free;
God the Father has answered me.

My ransom now is paid.
And Hell has been wastelaid.
The War’s end is close at hand.

The shadows are no more,
Never again shall I see them.
Not now, that I am no Heaven’s Shore!

Birds of a Feather

This is for a dear friend of mine. I wrote what God has told me when I have cried out and felt so alone, He showed me I was not alone by bringing this friend into my life. Because of God, this friend and I are stronger together. and with God on our side, Nothing can stop us. We are constantly listening to others rant and rave, but can never seem to find that angel here below for us, and then God introduced us to one another! We are stronger together, and thanks to God, we will never be alone in the physical world!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
We are two birds of a feather, you and I.
People always come to us with their problems, and we always ask “Why?”
We are Kind, We are Loyal, We are Love,
We Listen, We are Patient, We show them they are Doves.
We teach them to fly once more,
But who will catch us when we fall to the floor?

We are two birds of a feather, you and I.
People always come to us with their pain, and we always lend them our shoulder so that they may cry.
We are Kind, We are Loyal, We are Love,
We console, We are Comfort, We show them they are Gifts from Above.
We wipe away their tears,
But who will wipe away ours when we are consumed by all our fears?

We are two birds of a feather, you and I.
Those in need seek a friend us, but to where do we turn when we no longer want to try?
I am Kind, I am Loyal, I will Love you.
I am like you, you are like me, I will do all that I can to help you through.
You will catch me, I will catch you, together we will fly!
There’s no stopping us, we are flying high!

We are two birds of feather, you and I.
We will not break beneath the pressure, we will become like stars in the sky.
You are Kind, you are Loyal, you will not let me fall.
You are strong, you are good, together we will stand tall.
There is no need to hide.
We have God on our side!

Battle Prayer

O Lord my God, You know full well
My struggle with the Serpent and his tolling bell.

‘Tis the war of good and evil, the battle of life and death.
Therefore, I ask of You, O Lord, Your everlasting breath.

As I prepare for battle, O God, dress me in the armor of Your word.

From the gospel of peace, lace together the Sandals of Readiness upon my feet.

Around my middle strap tightly the Belt of Truth,
And above it the Breastplate of Righteousness.

Place firmly upon my head the Helmet of Salvation.
But most of all, equip my hands with the Shield of Faith and the Sword of Your Spirit.

This is my battle cry, O Heavenly Father:
That whether I live or die, no matter the outcome of the fight,
May people see through me Your Son, the Bright and Shining Light.

The Shepherd and His Sheep

I have a Master; His name is Lord.
His pastures are green; His waters blue.
His pastures are full of life, and His waters quiet and still.
What more could I ask?

I lie down and my soul has peace.
For my Master’s name and sake, I shall follow his hand
As he leads me to walk a blameless path.
What more could I want?

Though times are rough and edges jagged,
My Master is with me, I fear only Him,
And I am comforted by His touch.
What more could I need?

A feast He gives before my foes;
My goblet spills over, my Master has blessed me.
For the rest of my days, goodness will trail me,
And I shall rest by my Master’s side for all eternity.

I ask not, nor want not, nor need not anything more!
For what I may seek is already mine!
I have my Master and His love, just as He has mine and me.
Wisdom and Strength He presents to me, for they are his to give.

I am my Master’s, He is mine;
He is the Parent, I am the child;
He is the Shepherd, I am the sheep.

Friday Black

They used to say,
That if all the leaves were off the trees by Thanksgiving Day,
Then a White Christmas, was surely on its way.
But seeing as some still linger, dancing in the breeze,
Let us not, with material things, try to please.
So on this Friday Black,
May we not pine for that which we lack.
Instead, may we rejoice in life.
Being thankful for our blessings, even in the midst of strife.
For the reason we celebrate these coming days,
Is not for some gift giving haze.
But the birth, so long ago, of one precious Babe, born to save us all from sin.
So in this Christ-mas season bright, Let us delight in Him.
In remembrance of that fateful, blessed, and holy night.

Just like you

Today is my Dad’s birthday and as I am away at college and cannot celebrate with the family, I have posted this as my Dad’s special surprise. I hope you like it, Dad!

I have discovered that I am just like you. Here’s how:
First of all, we both have terrible handwriting.
Second, we both like math (and we’re good at it too).

But Daddy,
I have discovered that I am just like you!
We both love to be outdoors,
And we don’t mind getting dirty. (I mean we’ve slept on the ground before!)

But Daddy,
I’m just like you!
You taught me about Jesus’ love
And about Noah and the little white dove.

And Daddy…
I’m just like you.
For we are both soldiers;
You overseas, and me on my knees.

Why, Daddy? Why am I just like you?
Because I love you. I look up to you and I learn from you.
and that is why I am going to grow up, to be just like you!!